Granite – New Jersey Inventory


Granite is an igneous rock of great beauty. It is a very durable and stain resistant stone due to its dense nonporous consistency, making it an excellent selection for those areas where food preparation and cutting takes place. It is most commonly used for kitchen countertops and exterior surfaces. Granite has a great resistance to abrasions and is totally recyclable, ecological and easy to maintain.

We have a great selection of granites from all over the world.

Alaska Vintage
Alpine White
Andromeda White
Araras Blue
Arctic White
Astoria Light
Atlantic Blue
Azul Aran
Azul Bahia
Azul California
Azul Nuevo
Azul Platino
Bahamas White
Beauty Dark
Bianco Angel
Bianco Antico
Bianco Fantasy
Black Absolute
Black Angola
Black Antique
Black Galaxy
Black Hawk
Black Pearl