Porcelain – New Jersey Inventory


The grand revolution in the ceramic sector occurred with the conception of Porcelain a material that represents a new trend of the global market. This product brought modern and versatile characteristics by means of the polishing process and the introduction of glazing techniques, extending the use of ceramics to the domain of natural stones.

Porcelain tile is a extremely hard ceramic tile. It is obtain from raw materials of a high degree of purity. High mechanical resistance and high resistance to scratching and chemical attacks characterize it, when compared with natural stones.

Agata Azure
Agata Black
Agata Blu (LEVEL)
Altissimo White (LEVEL)
Arabescato Corchia (LEVEL)
Bianco Lasa
Calacatta (LEVEL)
Calacatta Gold (LEVEL)
Calacatta Gold Top (EPIC)
Calacatta Paonazzo (EPIC)
Calacatta Paonazzo (LEVEL)
Calacatta Renoir (LEVEL)
Concrete White (LEVEL)
Crystal Diamond (LEVEL)
Granito Blu Ande (LEVEL)
Grigio di Gre (LEVEL)
Macchia Vecchia (LEVEL)
Marquina (LEVEL)
Moon Grey (EPIC)
Nero Imperiale (LEVEL)
Quarzo (LEVEL)
Raku Nero (LEVEL)
Statuario (EPIC)
Statuario Extra (LEVEL)
Statuario Michelangelo (LEVEL)